The author is –  Biswadip Mukherjee

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 The author is –  Biswadip Mukherjee , Translator –        Prosenjit  Mukherjee

Narrator – The very word family encompasses within itself the very idea of microcosm in a macrocosm. It is such a place where men of different dispositions with all their variegated emotions like happiness , sadness,  positivity or negativity altogether as if  form a world of celestial bliss . Once our families  which used to be like a galaxy with the passage of time got disintegrated only to give rise to a nuclear family which comprises  only so to say  a handful of members like parents and their one and only son or daughter . Inearlier times , our household used to be full with  a great number of people for which from there would  come out many a star each with its own individual brilliance  .  There are many such things in our life which since the time immemorial have only given birth to endless debates or arguments . Such an issue which today forms the basis of almost every household’s  range of discussions is whether the microcosmic family structure of earlier times was better than families of now a days  appearing like a miniscule or microscopic entity . Similarly , boys and girls of younger age  would leave their formal education even long before it’s completion which in today’s parlance iscalled school dropouts and now that percentage is minimised  by involving them in the main stream of education introducing the mid day meal programme as an integral part of the functioning  of school education. But those boys and girls  who were once school dropouts are far ahead in terms of their basic standard of education in comparison to students of average merit of today’s time. Even these students lag far behind those students of bygone times in terms of their basic skills like proper pronunciation , spelling of words , simple mathematical calculations . So,  are we really making any progress in qualitative terms or is it just the contrary to our expectations ? During earlier times to travel by train was a matter of intense happiness . To travel with family members , to savour mouth watering delicacies or  to indulge in candid conversation leading to uproarious laughter during travelling to a distant place would provide an unalloyed sense of pleasure .  Even to meet different kinds of people during a journey , to have a talk with them in a whole hearted manner or in sharing with the little ones one’s own share of the most loved dishes was really a faithful expression of real  happiness of a cordial mind . At that time the feeling of joy or happiness was so intense only because that truly came out from the core of our heart . Does it mean that today  those reasons of happiness no longer exist in our life ? It is really there but snacks and chocolates has taken the share of simple bread and butter . Moreover , we can not even enjoy foods offered to us by a fellow passenger only because of a sense of suspicion that rationally prevents us from having it and most importantly we have become hooked to the virtual world of a mobile to such an extent that we can’t even afford to have a freewheeling chat  with the person sitting next to us during a long journey . What kind of fast-paced modern life is this that only creates  divisions and differences among people ! But it is an undeniable harsh reality that a person who could  afford time  do not live in luxury on the other hand a person who enjoys the same could hardly get enough time to enjoy the luxury of a leisure. Their are very few fortunate people among us who could have the luxury of both .  But when commonfolk tend to create an aura of artificiality trying to go beyond his fundamental necessities of life it only gives rise to a sense of alienation among people. But in order to achieve our aspirations and goals sometimes we consider promoting as a lucrative profession and care a fig while hewing down trees after trees for the same. It eventually creates such an artificial ambience for itself  that proves detrimental for persons of all ages . It is why even boys and girls of a tender age tend to fall prey to life threatening diseases . Then the question comes whether  aspirational  needs  like name , fame , money eventually lead our younger generation to an uncertain, unstable future . Here comes a series of endless questions like the following  how is Doctor Soumya as a father ? or how much responsibility does Anjana shoulder as a mother ? How is Partha as a relative ? or even what kind of person Tapas is ? Besides this what kind of  service does Kalpana render as a homemaid ? and finally whether Dr Nilanjana Sengupta could help Swastik come out from the serious crisis of his life ?   

Dr. Soumya –  I have to leave for my chamber a little early, there are three surgeries to be performed today . 

Anjana – Its quite an usual affair with you . There is nothing new in it . 

Dr. Soumya – To add new feathers to your achievement you have to make  something quite adaptable to a series of modifications all the while .

 Anjana – What do you actually mean ?

 Dr. Soumya – I mean to say  that  I have to make modernization of my nursing home , In order to provide the best  possible service  to the patients we have to equip our labs with highly sophisticated machineries and for this I will have to infuse a great amount of money into this project. If I don’t want to borrow a single penny for that , I have to work really hard for its successful completion. 

Anjana – How could I help it ! 

Dr. Soumya – what else you could  do except  being spendthrift with my hard-earned money . 

Anjana – Don’t play the same tune time and again. Are these things of any use to me ? If you have something new to say except this ….

 Dr. Soumya – How could you except something new ! It would have been If you could but prepare my breakfast for a single day .

 Anjana – Even if I don’t prepare it myself , do you remain on an empty stomach for that ? Everyday Kalpana makes it ready for you then today why are you trying to bring in this issue unnecessarily in our conversation ?

Dr. Soumya –  Everyday I have to work really hard but you seem to care a fig for that person , isn’t it ?

Anjana – Listen, you earn money only because I will spend it, Am I a juicy fruit- bearing tree that will only yield to your needs ? Am I a non-living entity ? Is it wrong on my part to have a wish or desire of my own ?

Dr. Soumya – Is there no end to that wish list ?

Anjana – What such a great thing have I asked for ?  It was last month  at  Gariahat, while I was taking a walk with my friends suddenly my eyes got hooked to a sparkling  diamond necklace. Wouldn’t you want to have that for me ? 

PART – 1

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