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The author is –  Biswadip Mukherjee

  Translator –        Prosenjit  Mukherjee

( There starts a conversation between Swastik maternal uncle Partha and his friend Tapas at Partha’s home )

 Tapas – What relation does he share with you about whom you seem to be so worried ?

Partha – My nephew and  so to say my sister’s son.

Tapas – Then why do you suddenly feel so worried about your nephew?

Partha – Brother , there is enough reason to be worried about him . He is a scholar, but now a days he has been increasingly  addicted  to mobile and computers , and that’s too  entirely concerning mobile games  .

Tapas – How have you come to know this ?

Partha – Hey, last week when I visited their home at salt lake , I found it extremely disturbing . lunch remained served at the table but he remained busy in playing games .

Tapas -Unnecessarily  you are  thinking about it too much so much . Now a days boys and girls of his age spend a little bit more time  playing games  , So there is nothing to be  worried about it

.Partha – Listen brother, this very internet,  android set, technologies  like  WIFI, all these  have benefit if they could be properly utilised .

Tapas -What do you want to  mean? 

Partha-  It  means very simple. It is very much  like the contention that are the fruits of scientific advancement blessing or curse for human civilization ? At present we often take recourse to modern technologies to nab miscreants for committing primes . Once there used to be only land phones but now a days with the emergence of mobile technology we could easily trace out kingpins of  various criminal activities .   

Tapas – That’s true . So to say  Partha, I often thing during our school days there were the availability of mobile and internet we wouldn’t have needed the guidance of any private tutor .

 Partha – Really,  is there anything the solution of which  we do not find on youtube ?  Right from mathematics , English , science everything has a ready solution available there . But how many students could make a proper use of that ?  

Tapas – They don’t make the proper use of that . This would be absolutely useless to say now a days that one can’t gain proper education due to straitened financial condition. If you have only a mobile with a proper internet connection a great number of problems would be solved but brother , first and foremost one should have intense desire to have it .

 Partha – Of course, that’s where  lies everything .  Without any sincere desire and effort could anything  be  transformed into reality ? Nothing could be materialised.

Tapas – Well, the in laws of your sister whom  we call Amalendu uncle and Sonali auntie , right ?

Partha – Yes

Tapas-Uncle was a sportsman, right , a footballer. He got his job in port trust too for that . And auntie used to sing Rabindra Sangeet  exceedingly well. Her tonal quality was really magical .

Partha – Yes brother, but all these have become the matter of past . Both of them are now octogenarian . Each heavily depends on other and each of them always prays for the blessing of Almighty .Tapas – What do you say ?

Partha – Yes brother, last month uncle fractured  his right leg while he went to the washroom , and Auntie? She has been suffering from throat cancer.

Tapas – Really brother, old age is really a difficult phase of life , the leg which would dribble passed opponent players with its magical skill has become quite inert . and the voice which would enthral millions of minds lost her speech due to fatal disease called cancer .

Partha – I feel sorry for them for different reason . Look, our future or our old age are not something that we could have any control over but if my sister and brother in law could afford a bit more time and would have been a little more caring by nature things could have been different .  

Tapas – What else you could do ? everyone can’t think in the manner you do . This is the reason the more I think about you more I feel surprised .

Partha – why?

Tapas – No, actually to us a typical police personnel  is like a person who is out and out a drunkard , takes bribes  and haunts notorious places but you on the contrary are out and out a family man .

Partha – Is it unfair?

Tapas – Why should it be unfair rather I take pride in the fact that you are my friend . There is a saying that neither friendship nor enmity with the policemen is good for an individual but when I look upon you or socialise with you it completely leaves are different kind of impression on mind .

Partha – No brother , you people tend to think in that manner but all policemen are not of that nature . What a great responsibility we have in the society ! but for the time being all my concerns centre round the house at salt lake . On the one hand there are two old aged people who have no one to stand by on the other side there is a teenage boy who  seriously lacks any mental support and eventually becomes a different kind of person . Actually,  so to say,  Tapas the age group that Swastik belongs is really very susceptible to many kinds of problems and hostilities .

Tapas – Don’t you tend to become a bit overcautious about Swastik and apprehend in that way ?

Partha – Do you know that  we are paid salary  for being suspicious towards others .

Tapas – That’s right, but is that so in all respects ?

Partha – Just think , a young boy who reads in  xi standard has no friends , no liking  for outdoor games . all day long his mind remains preoccupied with video games , is it not a sign of worry ?

Tapas – That’s right, but what could you do from such a distance? Besides, you also have your own service  .

Partha – That’s on the one side but this also is one of my moral obligations. Next week I will bring Swastik to our house for few days . I think if he comes to our place it would not make him feel lonely as he would feel happy coming on terms with everyone  and as a result of that it would relieve him from that depressive state of mind .  

Tapas – That’s true .

( Next )

Swastik-  Where is the matter of fear ? I have started playing the game quite easily and already crossed three consecutive levels of it . . Let see what does the computer programme demands from my side . I have to submit all my documents like my ID proof , account details , etc. After completing every step I have to upload my photograph to authenticate my identity and will have to send it to the formulator of this game . Then rupees amouting to five dollars will be credited to my account for the completion of each level of the game . Fantastic , let me send all these requisite documents to them.

( After a while there appears a message on Swastik’s mobile and it  shows fifteen dollars have already been credited to his account . )

Fifteen dollars ! It’s really wonderful that I have earned one thousand and five hundred rupees and that’s too by simply  playing games at home . Fourth step – Let’s see what does the fourth level of the game asks from my side . I have to wake up at 2 am at night to watch a horror movie sent to me from the formulator of this game. Is it any serious matter ? Usually I don’t go to bed before 2 am  so what’s wrong it would be if I watch a horror movie through the night . It would be good . Moreover I quite love to see horror movies . It would be wonderfully spent the whole night today . Fifth step I have to stay at home for an entire day without talking to anybody,  throughout the day and night I will have to remain awake .I can do this . It’s nothing very difficult . No one would give me five dollars for doing nothing substantial , No problem .Sixth step –  At three am at night I have to move upstairs to reach the roof of a multi-storeyed  building . Yes , there is no problem in it , let me set the alarm at 2.50 am . The matter does not end there . I have to upload  my photos to prove that I haven’t gone to bed . I can do this .  

  Narrator – Like many other games this game also starts in an easy manner . Five dollars after the completion of each step means it amounts to almost four hundred rupees . The more the money gets credited to Swastik’s account, the more he feels interested towards it . The first ten level of this game have been easily done with . Actually this easy steps of the game sow the seeds of death trap.  

Swastik –

11th  step –  write F57 on your left hand by piercing your skin with a sharp blade . Yes , I would write it . Many a times  different parts of my body  have been bruised in this manner and today can’t I do this simple job ? It’s not such a great deal . I have bruised it now . What’s wrong in it ! Now I have to upload this photo to send it to him . Let me send it now . I have to wake up at 3 am at night and then would have to go to the roof of the house .

12th step – While  taking a stroll there I have to say the following line ” Yes , I will die for the game ” . Yes, I can do this . Let me set the alarm first .

13 th step –  You can’t even imagine the way you have to suffer for your self inflicted injury . Someone whom you love the most has to be forsaken . So , have I to part with Riya ? We have been in a relationship since the nine standard . She has always supported me a lot . And today would I part with her ? Yes , I have to do that . It was stated at the beginning of the game that all the conditions have to be followed . Then why am I trying to move away from it ? Let me cut off all my connections with Riya on different social media platforms like facebook , Instagram, Twitter etc . Let me also block her on cell phone . Yes , I have been able to do this .  

14th step – I can’t talk with anyone through out the day and I would do that . Is there any difficulty in it ? I would not talk with anyone . What ! Sir has made a call at this time ! He used to teach me with great care . Since my childhood he has taught me upto 10th standard . Without his guidance I would not have done such a great result in Board exam . If he were not there who would have helped me in that manner . But today can’t I talk with him ! Let the phone ringing for a while .  But sir does not make a call without any emergency . What should I do then ? Let him call , the way the game I have been playing would not allow me for thinking about anything else . I would not pick up his phone .

(On account of his illness sir is heard to talk in a very feeble voice)

. Swastik , you have not picked up my phone , dear . Today I  feel very out of sorts . It is such that I don’t have even the ability to stand up on my own . I thought you could fetch me a little bit of medicines . I have called you time and again , yet you didn’t pick up . Then you must have been busy in your work . So, I am sending you a message , please give me a call dear  if you could afford time .

Swastik – I haven’t picked up sir’s phone ! what have I done ! but no , I have to follow all the rules of the game. 15th step – I have to misbehave with someone very close to me ! But who is he ? with whom should I behave in that rude manner ? Those who love me do so because of my behaviour . At last I have to ……..oh ! But for playing this game I must do that . (leaves the place saying this )Narrator –  A week is spent in this manner . The difficulty for fulfilling the conditions for playing this game increases day by day . On the other hand it makes Swastik more dejected  , a kind of guilty feeling pricks him from within . Partha along with Tapas sets out for  Swastik’s house to bring him along with him ( Partha ) .

Partha rings the bell outside the imposing mansion at saltlake , after a while a maid servant opens the door .

Partha – Where are the other members of the house ?

Kalpana – No one is there at the house only Swastik is up there in his room. Partha along with Tapas goes upstairs , on coming close to Swastik’s house  got to see a pool of blood . Tapas – So much blood !

Partha – Yes , that’s strange !

Narrator -( They seemed to be gripped with a strange sense of fear and an uncanny apprehension . Both of them looked at each other and rushed towards the room . Swastik was seen to be lying in a pool of blood having made a cut into the veins of his hand . )

Partha – What have you done Swastik ? You have made a cut into the veins of your left hand ! You will come round soon . I will not let you perish in that manner . Never , I will do that .

( Tapas dialled the number for hiring an ambulance . He was seen to speak in a trembling voice  ” I am calling from salt lake BA 1/3 , please come here as quickly as possible ” ) .   

   (Two weeks after )(Swastik is seen to be sitting in a chair with his left hand remained bandaged . A table is placed at the centre of the room . Renowned psychologist Dr Nilanjana Sengupta is seen to be sitting opposite Swastik ).

Dr Nilanjana Sengupta – Swastik , how do you feel now ?

Swastik – Well .

Dr – You are such a brilliant student . Then suddenly why have you done this ?

Swastik – I no longer want to leave .

Dr – Do you know what would happen if you die ?

Swastik – Nothing will change . Only the presence  of an individual would not be there in the sea of humanity .

Dr – Your life does not hold any importance to you , but do you know Swastik what a great loss it would be for the society ?

Swastik – ( looks up with a bit of astonishment ) loss !

PART – 5

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