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The author is –  Biswadip Mukherjee

  Translator –        Prosenjit  Mukherjee

Dr – Would it not be a loss ? If a person really turns out to be a good human being , do you know to what extend society gets benefited from him or her ?

Swastik – I have not realised what you actually wanted to say .

Dr – Your present illness or the attempt to suicide is the result of playing a certain game , isn’t it ?

Swastik – ( Swastik remains silent for a while , thinks a bit and replied )  yes .

Dr – Now try to remember a bit the incidents happened in your life in a successive manner following the day you started playing that game .

Swastik – To play a game is like my passion , like any other games I also started playing this game simply out of my curiosity . I came to know that for the completion of every level of that game rupees amounting to five dollars will be credited to my account .

Dr –  Swastik,  have you by now got to realise why those initial  questions  or attempts were so easy ?

Swastik – Yes mam , for tempting me to play that game .

Dr – Yes , If the initial levels of that game be too tough , many people would quit the game at the very beginning . Therefore , the first three steps of the game have been made too easy to allure the boys and girls of your age to play this game because of its thrill and the scope for earning associated with this game . What happens thereafter

?Swastik – After completing the 3rd step of this game personal details along with id proof and account details were asked from my end .

Dr – So that you can’t quit the game so easily .

Swastik – Yes mam , the first ten steps were quite easy .

Dr – At the 11th level of this game you have bruised your hand , isn’t it ?

Swastik – Yes .

Dr – That means someone from far abroad tries to allure you to play the game  by using his or her mischievous plan and thereby  tries to harm you . But neither do you  know him nor have any knowledge   about his whereabouts . Yet you do not think a bit while following his instructions to the letter . What do you call it ? Is it not an exhibition of foolishness ?

( Swastik remained silent )

Dr –  What happens at the 12th level of the game ?

Swastik – I was told to utter the following line – ” I WILL DIE FOR THE GAME ” while walking alone on the roof on my house at 3 am .

Dr – That is such a time while almost everybody falls asleep and at that time this very game is used as a medium to mislead the players of this game . Just think of it , it’s a very calculative method for murdering someone . What happens at the next level ?

Swastik –  It was stated that harm ownself in such a manner that no one could even think of .

Dr – That means you were assigned such a task that you feel frustrated or so to say feel very much disillusioned with life . Well Swastik  did you have any knowledge about the maker of this game ? I mean to say before you started playing this game  did you make any search on Google for any relevant information regarding this game ?

Swastik – No,  madam .

Dr – Such a brilliant student like you made a blunder or such a great mistake !

Swastik – Why  do you say so madam ?

Dr – Then listen , a Russian  boy named  Philip Budeikei who was a 22 years old unemployed , uncouth fellow . Nobody could tolerate him for his nature . Being absolutely dull headed his teachers would often rebuke him and even his girlfriend felt hopeless about him and part with him for the same . He started feeling very lonely or alienated from the society . As you know that there is a saying that an empty brain is an evil’s den . So to kill those persons who feel lonely or alienated like him he learned to formulate a game and thereby subsequently made such a deadly one which you played . So from the very beginning he started entrapping those boys and girls who feel themselves very lonely like him . So at the very beginning of the game he would allure and in the subsequent stages by drawing out details from them he used to threat and thereby compel them to continue that game . But you are a meritorious student . How could you fall prey to his mischief ? Actually it is your loneliness that compelled you to play this deadly game .

Swastik – Yes, madam , besides the very name of the game also enticed me to play this game .    

Dr – Let me tell you about an incident . In a city of Russia there used to leave a boy named Andreai . He was a student . He used to live with his parents and two sisters. He made it a practice to play an online game after coming back home from school . Though his parents forbade him time and again to play that game , he didn’t follow their advice . However , once at the time of playing the game he received a notification for an invitation . Without realising anything Andreai accepted that information .

Swastik – What happen then ?

Dr – Then he was allured to join another social networking site . He was welcomed there and many girls started gossiping with him over there . Andreai liked that very much . Thereafter everyday after coming back home from school Andreai used to chat on that site and had a great fun out there . Days passed in that manner. With the passage of time he gradually became addicted to it . Then on a certain day he was provided a link . The moment Andreai clicked on that link a game was downloaded readily thereafter .And then started those terrible day of his life . Thereafter Andreai didn’t attend school on a regular basis and would often stay awake till late at night . Even he used to talk to his ownself and no longer socialise with anyone .

Swastik – What happened thereafter ?

Dr – After that Andreai even stopped interacting with his parents . But his parents noticed that matter . They didn’t like it at all . One day after Andreai went to bed they started browsing his laptop . That game coupled with many other files made them feel something unpleasant about it . Then they took the help of police personnel .When the police personnel interrogated Andreai he didn’t answer anything except saying that ” I am whale  : today I have to complete a mission . Nobody would disturb me . ” The police personnel confiscated that laptop and started the investigation . The moment the administration realised the nature of the problem they made that device inoperative . Thereafter it was not possible to continue that game anymore . But the matter of surprise was that the entire game got disappeared from the system ,

Swastik – What happened to Andreai thereafter ?

Dr – He was admitted to a hospital . At that time he was not in a mentally sound condition . It took an entire year for his recovery . You are lucky enough to survive that ordeal . Those who played that game eventually got perished in the process . Andreai was the first one to survive that ordeal .

Swastik – Really , it’s a dangerous issue .

Dr – Do you know anything about blue whale ?

Swastik – Yes , it is the largest mammal on earth . It is almost 100 feet long . It is bigger than two adult dinosaurs . It is equal in size to forty large African elephants . It weighs almost two hundred tonnes . The length of the tongue of the blue whale  is equal to the size of an elephant . It is such of a gigantic proportion that an entire football team could stand on it in a queue .

Dr – Yes , these mammals each day devour almost four tonnes shrimp shaped krill and a new born blue whale each day sucks five hundred litre breast milk . But blue whale is not a fish .

Swastik – If someone looks them in a submerged condition they appear blue but when they slowly start floating on the surface of water they appear grey in colour .

Dr – In between 1900 to 1960 almost 3 lakhs whale had been caught and killed for commercial purposes . At present it is strictly forbidden to catch them and they are one of the extinct animals on earth . Now altogether there are almost twenty five thousand whales alive on earth .

Swastik – They don’t have any teeth rather they have a sieve like pattern on whale bone . The interesting fact is that while the one part of their brain remains awake the another part remains in deep slumber because to breathe properly they have to float close to the surface of water otherwise they would be stifled to death . The roaring sound of the voice of a blue whale could be heard by another blue whale from a distance as long as almost thousand miles . They could swim five to twenty miles per hour . The intensity of their roaring voice is as much as hundred and eighty eight decibel which is greater than even that of a jet engine .  Dr – But all these pieces of  information have  nothing very surprising about it  as now a days a great deal of information like this  is readily available on Google or Youtube . But the surprising fact of the matter is the loneliness of an individual, the instances of which has been increasingly growing in our society . In the past only aged people would suffer from that illness and now even the teenagers whose life should be full of fun , studies , sports , dancing , singing and lots of other activities are also found to be suffering from the same . This illness is really very fatal in nature as it traumatizes an individual from within and spoils his or her life . Then this very precious life becomes a kind of a burden to his ownself . Got it ?

Swastik – Yes,  madam , as it has been to me .Dr – Brilliant !I feel very happy to see that you have got to realise your own problem . Now would you give me an answer of a question?   Swastik . Swastik – Yes madam . Dr – What do you want to be in your life ?Swastik – I have given up on all my dreams .Dr – I mean to say what did you want to become in life ?

PART – 6

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