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The author is –  Biswadip Mukherjee

  Translator –        Prosenjit  Mukherjee

Swastik – At the beginning I wanted to be a doctor but having seen my father in that very profession I have lost interest in that .

Dr – Why ?

Swastik – Well madam , do we live only for earning money and fulfil all our materialistic desires ?

Dr – Not at all .

Swastik – But I have only seen those things to happen in my house .

Dr – I can realise your present state of mind but what you have seen that is just one aspect of our life or this world . But similarly there is  another side to it .

Swastik – What is that ?

Dr – Tell me the name of an accomplished individual in our society .

Swastik – Dr A P J Abdul Kalam and Mr Ratan Tata .

Dr – Do you think ever in any point of life they have led their life only for their ownself ?  You tell me about your loneliness but think a bit like you they too don’t have any close companion in their lives . But they have immersed themselves in their fields of work to such an extent and as an individual they are so committed to the societal development that they have not asked for anything in their life except their necessities . But because of them millions of people could happily lead their lives , our country remains safe and also the economy of our country grows rapidly . One is fondly known as The Missile Man of India and the other one is truly a living legend .   But if they were too selfish to only think about themselves then what would have happened ?

Swastik –  Madam , would you give me an answer ?

Dr – Of course , tell me what do you want to know ?

Swastik – Well, madam , did those persons about whom you have told just now have the same conditions in their house like mime ?Dr – What do you actually want to know ?

Swastik – I mean to say have they grown up seeing the altercation between their parents ?

Dr-  It’s true that your word has a value of its own , It’s really undeniable . But Swastik  at the same time you have to accept the fact that everyone life is different . They all have encountered their own problems in their own way . They have also overcome them dealing with it in their unique manner . Look , I acknowledge that your familial issues have unknowingly brought you to this direction but if you can not come out of that on your own , where lies the fulfilment of your life . Isn’t it Swastik ?

Swistik – Really speaking , I am absolutely frustrated with this everyday problem of my household . You wouldn’t believe madam once I used to think what was the value of  this life . Right from early in the morning till the time I go to bed there has not been a single day when I have not witnessed them falling out with each other .

Dr – I can realise your struggle or sadness in life .

Swastik – Do you know madam  having visited  my father’s maternal uncle’s house quite interestingly their grew an unwavering interest or love for nature in my mind . He himself is a farmer . So his knowledge about gardening or horticulture is immense . I have come to know a great deal about a lot of trees for my association with him . I would never get to know about all those things without him . How to plant a tree or nurture them or how to save them from various kinds of insects all these I have learn from him . At the crack of dawn the entire atmosphere over there used to be buzzing with the chirping of different kind of birds. It was such an atmosphere that I didn’t really want to come back home from there . How well mannered and affectionate they were to me ! But when he wanted to come to my house , his wish  was not at all entertained  here . That probably became the most shameful incident in my life .

Swastik – So in this world none would realise my sadness or suffering except me .

Dr – I completely agree with you on this matter but the life is yours and if you spoil it in this manner , it means you have accepted failure or so to say surrendered helplessly to an uncongenial circumstances , isn’t it ? Is to fight against it not better than to escape from it ?

Swastik – Of course,  madam , I have realised it , really I made a great mistake .

Dr – Today our country needs  promising boys and girls like you .

Swastik – Please pardon me madam , I would no longer waste time simply by playing video games or unnecessarily browsing through cell phone . Actually I lost all my interest to survive in this world . I have to utilise the time properly .

Dr – Today you tell me about those persons , just think a bit , who if come to know that you were going to do such a rash act , what impact it will have on their mind .

Swastik – Really madam , believe me , having started playing that game , I completely lost myself in it . In the end as if nothing was happening according to my wish . I as if became completely a different individual altogether . I was doing everything but on another’s whim .

Dr – Swastik , that deadly game leads to such disastrous consequences . An individual starts playing that game on his own wish but he does not have any control over it’s outcome . But Swastik , you are an intelligent boy so always keep it in mind time has the most precious and powerful presence in our life . Death is the ultimate truth in life and because of that life holds an enormous importance for us . Swami Vivekananda breathed his last just at the age of 39 but the entire world knows him . On the other hand many individuals of ripe old age around us die every now and then but we know nothing about them . I do not belittle their presence but I am saying this to you to make you realise that life is very precious , don’t spoil it . Now you people please come inside . (Swastik’s parents , maternal uncle and his friend all go inside the chamber ) 

Dr Soumajit – We have heard everything .

Anjana – Please pardon us dear .

Dr Nilanjana Sengupta – Please spend a little more time with him .

Dr Soumajit – Don’t make us ashamed anymore by saying this .

Anjana – We would not repeat such mistake anymore .

Dr Soumajit – Dear , please come close to me . (Swastik embraces his father ) .I would no longer hanker after money .

Anjana – Partha , my brother , today you along with your friend have helped us in such a way the debt of which I would never be able to repay .

Partha – Sister , let us drop that matter . Swastik has come round and that is our greatest and ultimate satisfaction .

Dr Soumajit – Tapas , you are very much like our dear brother Partha . Whenever you wish come to our place , don’t hesitate a bit .

Tapas – Obviously , but Sir , if you allow me could I say something ?

Dr Soumajit – Of course , you must say . The way today you have saved the life of my son ……today only you would say and I would listen .

Tapas – No , Sir , I mean to say I have heard about you many times from Partha . He thinks about Swastik a lot . Although this is your familial issue , Sir , If you could afford a little more time for Swastik .

Dr Soumajit – Actually , Tapas , so to say to learn from your mistake is probably the greatest learning one can have . Enough is enough , I promise you dear from now onwards I would only live for you . Besides once a week I would do treatment of my patients free of cost and moreover I would donate fifty percent of my income for any charitable cause .

Anjana – I do not need anything more in life . Jewelleries , different kinds of clothes nothing , dear , promise you would not do such a thing again .

Swastik – No mom , a foolish person repeats his mistakes but an intelligent individual even if does a mistake he rectifies it .

Anjana- Really , you are the most intelligent person in our family .

Swastik – Yes mom , but it is I who did such a foolish act . But mom , don’t be worried at all . I have made up my mind that from now onwards I have to lead a life for one and all and moreover I will have to do something for my country .

Anjana – Swastik , dear I promise you today I myself will call your father’s maternal uncle who in turn is your grandfather and one of your best friends to invite him to our house .

Dr Soumajit – No , no, you don’t need to do that .

Anjana – But why ?

Swastik – Really mom , It would be great this time we would keep him in our house for long time . But papa , why are you forbidding to do that ? You ……

Dr Soumajit – I want that rather than inviting him to our house we would go to his place and spend the entire summer vacation there .After a long time we could inhale a bit of fresh air and not only that fresh fish , cow milk , ripe mangoes all are at your finger tips there and then we would bring him here along with us to make him stay here for a long time .

Swastik – Really papa , It would be a great thing . We would bring him here this time for a long period .

Anjana – That’s the way it would be dear , you keep him here as long as you wish .

Dr Nilanjana Sengupta – At present the boys like Swastik really needs the association of such grandfathers and well Swastik if  boys like you could realise your mistake and subsequently thinks for your country or society instead of remaining obsessed with mobile games that would be good for one and all . Besides if individuals  like you concentrate more on your studies and exercise and could dedicate your life a bit for the concerns of others instead of being self-centred , our job becomes really easy . If you go through the immortal creations of Rabindranath Tagore and Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay , you would come to realise that love is  not always the union of two souls , it also encompasses a genuine sense of  grief and estrangement within it’s all embracing canopy . So , never even think of making any suicidal attempt as you should always keep it in mind that to accept failure and winning in the same breath is equally important as both impart a great lesson in the journey of life . It gives you the lesson about becoming a stout-hearted person . One loss paves the way for winning in the next level . So if you fail once , don’t feel ashamed rather try very hard to be focussed enough to surely win the next race .

Swastik – Yes , we will have to become the winner .

Dr nilanjana Sengupta – Many more deadly games like this will emerge in future but if we could maintain the right attitude no one can ever deviate us from the right trajectory of life , so let us pledge that we will form a robust foundation for the holistic well-being of a society . Whatever might be the nature of challenge , we shall overcome it .

Chorus – Come whatever may , we shall overcome .  

PART – 7          The End  

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